Hey guys! We've almost come to the end of Spring semester and alot of fun stuff has been happening.

Member News

Josh and Sarah (formerly Emery) tied the not last month. They are expecting a little baby boy sometime in the near future.

Love is in the air it must be Spring. For those of you who haven't been paying attention or are just out of the loop: both Ashley Kenner and Kayli Davis got engaged.

Roni's recital is May 3rd, at 4pm in the Recital/Concert Hall. It is a shared recital with Daniel Montgomery.

Sarah Barnes' house caught on fire in March. Everyone is ok. The garage was lost and everything in it (including her pledge book from 2006 :( ). She is currently living in temporary housing aka an apartment. But she is doing well and working at Theatre Arlington.

Chapter News

For the first time in years our chapter was unable to particpate in Relay for Life. Unfortunately the Eisemann concert was scheduled for the same day. But we highly suggest donating to Relay for Life to fund further cancer research and awareness.

This week heralded our 2nd Biannual LP Sale. We have gotten donations from various teachers and Alumni of records, tapes, cds, and sheet music to sell to students. The idea behind it is that to be a successful musician you must be familar with a wide range of pieces. And that each musician should have an extensive music library.

BAKE SALE! Thats right all the sweets you can eat. April 30th if you happen to be in the Commerce area come and get a high, sugar high that is.

Other Announcements and things you may want to know

Our district director Jenny Smith was elected to be the new VP of the Dallas Alumni Chapter.

If you wanna know how "Root Beer Coming at Ya" our spring pledge class is doing. Or some of the activities contact us.

If you have service hours please turn them into Heather Rigal. Thank you.

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