Andrew Stamper

Andrew Stamper is a Music Education major. He is a bass. He recently crossed over in January 2010 and is the current Treasurer. He hopes to do well in college and find a great job, and maybe later get a Doctorate to teach in college.  

Roni Carrasco

Roni Carrasco is in her own words "I love to laugh, Im a dancing fool, I always have glitter on me, I pretty much collect bobby pins, I love pictures." She is a Soprano. She crossed over in Fall 2008 and is the president of the Beta Mu Chapter.

Kayli Davis

Kayli Davis is hardcore when she puts her mind to something it gets done. She's an alto. She has been quite a leader in our chapter holding the offices of Secretary and Treasurer for multiple semesters and also President, and she is now Chorister. She crossed over in Fall 2007.

Ginger Herron

Ginger Herron is a music education major with emphasis on voice. She is a soprano and is involved in the Chorale, Chamber Singers and sings in her church choir. She became a member of Mu Phi in Fall 2009, and has held the offices of Treasurer and is now Historian.

Larry Turner

Larry Turner is a Music Education major, and a tenor. One day he wants to become an opera singer and also wants to compose music for UIL and All-state competitions. He is also a wonderful piano player. He crossed over in Fall 2009 and is the current Chaplin.

Ashley Kenner

Ashley Kenner is a Music Ed major. She is a Soprano. She believes that bright and glittery is the way to go and Loves the color pink. She crossed over in Fall 2006. And has held the offices of Historian, Warden, and now is Vice President.

Heather Rigal

Heather Rigal is majoring in Athletic Training. Once she graduates and works for a few years, she wants to go back and get a degree in drawing/art to do video character designs. She is a wild child and is a gaming addict but still keeps up a 3.0 GPA. She has held the offices of Chorister and Secretary. She crossed over Spring 2008.

Nancy Keen

 Nancy Keen is a soprano. She is majoring in Music Education. Nancy recently crossed over in January and is holding the position of Warden.